Gym WODs

(18 minutes)
Five rounds through:
Press x6
Bent over row x6
Kip swings x8
Double unders x15

*Add weight to last weeks press + bent over row.
:50 of work, 1:40 rest x 6 rounds:
8 Thrusters
5-10 Chin ups
Max double unders

*Pick a weight on the thrusters that is fast for 8 reps.

You get 10 reps toward your score for every chin up and 1 rep for every double under.
(20 minutes)
Four rounds through:
Sumo deadlift x8
Row 150m
Foundation drills
Dumbbell lunge x8

*Add weight to last week's sumo deadlift.
15 minute AMRAP of:
Row 300/250m
40 FT Dumbbell walking lunge
:30-60 plank
40 FT Dumbbell walking lunge
(30 minutes)
Five rounds:
power snatch x3
ring dips x5-10
side plank :30/:30

(12 minutes/ 3 rounds)
Pec/ shoulder stretch :45 each
8 Dumbbell bent over rows
8 Powell raises
(8 minutes)
Find a set of teammates.
On each arm:
8 KB swings
8 KB squats
8 KB push press
Row/ run 200m
30 minute AMRAP,
In teams of 3,
Rotating through each station:

Station 1:
run 500m
AMRAP: 10 kettlebell push press + 10 ring rows

Rest 2:00

Station 2:
row 500/ 425m
AMRAP: 10 kettlebell squat + 10 push up

Rest 2:00

Station 3:
250 single under
AMRAP: 10 kettlebell swing + 10 sit up

Rest 2:00

*one partner completes the run, row, jump, while the other two complete an AMRAP of the couplet.
(12 minutes)
5 deadlift
5 clean shrugs
5 hang power clean
5 front squat
5 push press
5 push jerk
5 good morning

Then, spend the remaining time slowly building up to your opening weight.
Every 1:15 x 12 rounds:
2 hang power clean
2 push jerk

*add weight every 3-4 rounds.
(30 minutes)
Build up to Clean & Jerk weight


8 rounds, NFT:
2 Power clean + jerks
8 DB bent over row L or R arm
:30 FLR

*add weight every other round.

(10 minutes/ 4 rounds)
100m Farmers carry (outside)
10 Back extensions